The Chamber has the main purpose of undertaking activities to support commercial exchanges with Italy and to assist economic agents, as well as to foster the development of economic relations and cooperation among entrepreneurs of the various countries.

The Chamber, whatever its activities, shall promote and facilitate the activities of its members and shall not substitute itself to them.

The Chamber develops the contacts and cooperation with the institutions in Italy and the European Union, with the Chamber of Commerce Network, with the associations of enterprises, with Export Consortia, and with all other interested agent, public or private, also through the realization of projects and initiatives.

The Chamber aims to:

1. Develop contacts with organizations, entities, operators and economic and financial milieux of the two Countries, in order to support relations in the field of economics and commerce;

2. Develop an activity of communication, information and knowledge diffusion through: magazines, bulletins, economic newsletters, reports, catalogues, repertoires, specialized databases, meetings and seminars, publicity on Media, websites on internet, etc;

3. Offer initial welcome and support to Italian agents coming for business to the Country of operations and to Vietnamese agents with regard to their activities in Italy;

4. Implement an action of support and consulting to companies to foster the development of economic and commercial activities primarily, but not exclusively, through the promotion of the activities of members who offer such services;

5. Operate to promote Italian companies' internationalisation in Vietnam also through the opportunities offered by Italy and the European Union;

6. Protection and promotion of “Made In Italy”;

7. Organize training sessions and stages for the diffusion of economic culture, including the organization of courses of Italian language;

8. Give specific assistance to economic missions;

9. Engage in any other activity useful to realize its own goals;

10. The Chamber may engage in broking activity in favour of its own members, and it will give ample and complete documentation of this activity in its own approved accounting. 

The Chamber will not engage in commercial activities with the aim to produce profits.